Annotations in the EMOTIC dataset

The annotations of the EMOTIC dataset combine two types of emotion representation systems: Discrete Categories and Continuous Dimensions.


Discrete Categories

List of the 26 Categories with corresponding deffinitions:

1. Peace: well being and relaxed; no worry; having positive thoughts or sensations; satisfied.

2. Affection: fond feelings; love; tenderness

3. Esteem: feelings of favorable opinion or judgment; respect; admiration; gratefulness

4. Anticipation: state of looking forward; hoping on or getting prepared for possible future events

5. Engagement: paying attention to something; absorbed into something; curious; interested

6. Confidence: feeling of being certain; conviction that an outcome will be favorable; encouraged; proud

7. Happiness: feeling delighted; feeling enjoyment or amusement

8. Pleasure: feeling of delight in the senses

9. Excitement: feeling enthusiasm; stimulated; energetic

10. Surprise: sudden discovery of something unexpected

11. Sympathy: state of sharing others’ emotions, goals or troubles; supportive; compassionate

12. Doubt/Confusion: difficulty to understand or decide; thinking about different options

13. Disconnection: feeling not interested in the main event of the surrounding; indifferent; bored; distracted

14. Fatigue: weariness; tiredness; sleepy

15. Embarrassment: feeling ashamed or guilty

16. Yearning: strong desire to have something; jealous; envious; lust

17. Disapproval: feeling that something is wrong or reprehensible; contempt; hostile

18. Aversion: feeling disgust, dislike, repulsion; feeling hate

19. Annoyance: bothered by something or someone; irritated; impatient; frustrated

20. Anger: intense displeasure or rage; furious; resentful

21. Sensitivity: feeling of being physically or emotionally wounded; feeling delicate or vulnerable

22. Sadness: feeling unhappy, sorrow, disappointed, or discouraged

23. Disquietment: nervous; worried; upset; anxious; tense; pressured; alarmed

24. Fear: feeling suspicious or afraid of danger, threat, evil or pain; horror

25. Pain: physical suffering

26. Suffering: psychological or emotional pain; distressed; anguished

Continuous Dimensions

Continuous dimensions with their descriptions:

Valence: this dimension measures how positive or pleasant an emotion is. It ranges from negative to positive.

Arousal: this dimension measures the agitation level of the person. It ranges from non-active / in calm to agitated / ready to act.

Dominance: this dimension measures the control level of the situation by the person. It ranges from submissive / non-control to dominant / in-control.