Dr. David Masip
Director | Staff member
webpage || dmasipr(at)uoc.edu ||ORCID
Research topic/area:
Object Recognition and Facial Expression Analysis.
Currently working on:
Emotion Recognition, Automated Animal Tracking, Deep Learning
Areas of Research:
Computer Vision

David Masip is professor in the Computer Science Department, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya since February 2007. He is the director of the SUNAI (Scene Understanding and Artificial Intelligence) research group. He is member of the BCN Perceptual Computing Lab. He studied Computer Science in the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, obtaining a FPI grant in 2001 for starting his PhD degree in the Computer Vision Center (Spain). He obtained the PhD degree in September 2005. He obtained the best Thesis award on Computer Science in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

David Masip was a PhD student of Jordi Vitrià in the Computer Vision Center (CVC), Barcelona, Spain. He co-advised the thesis of Àgata Lapedriza García and Mario Rojas Quiñones.

David Masip’s main research interest is the application of computer vision and pattern recognition to solve problems. David is interested in general machine learning algorithms, with special interest in Deep Learning algorithms and their applications to vision technologies.  Particularly David is always open to collaborate with colleagues, and currently he is working on several research projects:

  • Facial expression analysis and its applications to automated emotion perception in humans. Emotions play an important role in our everyday lives. The automated log of emotions has proved to be especially useful in medical applications (in depression or autism treatment and monitoring). We are currently collaborating with several organizations to provide SW solutions to specific problematics in the facial expression analysis field.
  • Animal tracking. With the recent advances in brain imaging, it became feasible to record large images databases of mice in vivo. This vast amount of data can correlate the neural responses and the visible behavior of the animal. We are designing specific algorithms for mice movement tracking and its applications to neuroscience.
  • Sea animal behavior monitoring. Currently, there exist a huge amount of video recordings of several fish species interacting in a controlled environment. The use of automated tracking and behavior understanding will help biologists to understand the hidden patterns of activity of species.



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