Computer Vision and emotional AI

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In recent years we have observed an increasing interest, both in academia and in the computer vision industry, in systems for understanding how people feel 1, 2 and how visual information affects our mood and emotions 3. The line of research of Computer vision and emotional AI is focused on creating systems for understanding image that include aspects of emotional intelligence in the process of interpreting the visual information. These systems have many applications. For example, they can be applied to the care and assistance of people, online education, and human-computer interaction.

In this line of research we work with advanced deep learning techniques. The line of research combines several computer vision topics, such as face analysis, pose and gesture analysis, action recognition, scene recognition, object detection, and object/scene attribute recognition, to extract high-level information from images and videos.

  3. Kuan-Chuan Peng, Tsuhan Chen, Amir Sadovnik, Andrew Gallagher. “A Mixed Bag of Emotions: Model, Predict and Transfer Emotion Distributions”. International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). 2015.
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