PostDoc Open positions

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya has opened 4 PostDoc positions. Candidates interested in working in Computer Vision are invited to submit their interest letter to dmasipr(at)

This appointment is for a maximum of 3 years, for 30,000 euros gross per year. The postdoctoral contract starts on June 1st 2018.

The task of the PostDoc researcher is to be involved in several research projects from the group, ranging from object and scene recognition to facial expression and gesture recognition. We are specially interested in applying and optimizing deep learning methods on the aforementioned lines. Candidates will work jointly with the group’s faculty and PhD students.

Key requeriments: Strong background in machine learning and computer vision. Experience in Matlab and Pyhton is specially appreciated. Publications in relevant peer reviewed conferences and journals are indispensable.

Deadline for submissions: March 4th, 2018

For more details about the terms and conditions please do click: here

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