Waseem Abbas
PhD Candidate
|| wabbas(at)uoc.edu
Research topic/area:
Computer Vision and animal behavior in neuroscience applications
Currently working on:
object tracking, neural activity correlation with locomotion in rodents
Areas of Research:
Bio-inspired machine learning algorithms
Semi supervised and unsupervised learning from two time-synced data streams
Deep learning applied in animal behavior from neuroscience perspective

Waseem Abbas is a PhD students and a member of SUNAI (Scene Understanding and Artificial Intelligence) group at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). He got his Masters degree in Statistical Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition from Jeju National University, Jeju-do, South Korea (jejunu.ac.kr). He has worked at Protege Global Pakistan (www.protegeglobal.com) as a data scientist. His research interests are related to machine learning models inspired from nature and actual neuron level learning.