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Escalera, Sergio; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Baró, Xavier; Shotton, Jamie

Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Multimodal Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis (Journal Article)

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 38 (8), pp. 1489-1491, 2016, ISSN: 0162-8828.

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Escalante, Hugo Jair; Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Morales-Reyes, Alicia; Martínez-Carranza, José

Evolving weighting schemes for the Bag of Visual Words (Journal Article)

Neural Computing and Applications, pp. 1-15, 2016, ISSN: 1433-3058.

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Oliu, Marc; Corneanu, Ciprian; Nasrollahi, Kamal; Guerrero, Sergio Escalera; Nikisins, Olegs; Sun, Yunlian; Li, Haiqing; Sun, Zhenan; Moeslund, Thomas; Greitans, Modris

Improved RGB-DT based Face Recognition (Journal Article)

Iet Biometrics, 2016, ISSN: 2047-4946.

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Corneanu, Ciprian; Oliu, Marc; Cohn, Jeffrey; Escalera, Sergio

Survey on RGB, 3D, Thermal, and Multimodal Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition: History, Trends, and Affect-related Applications (Journal Article)

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, (99), pp. 1, 2016, ISSN: 0162-8828.

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Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalera, Sergio; Pérez, Marc; Janés, Oriol; Baró, Xavier

Non-verbal communication analysis in Victim-Offender Mediations (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 67 , pp. 19–27, 2015.

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Sanchez-Mendoza, David; Masip, David; Lapedriza, Àgata

Emotion recognition from mid-level features (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 67 , pp. 66–74, 2015.

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Sánchez, Daniel; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Escalera, Sergio

HuPBA8k+: Dataset and ECOC-Graph-Cut based segmentation of human limbs (Journal Article)

Neurocomputing, 150 , pp. 173–188, 2015.

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Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Pujol, Oriol

On the design of an ECOC-Compliant Genetic Algorithm (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition, 47 (2), pp. 865–884, 2014.

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Hernández-Vela, Antonio; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Perez-Sala, Xavier; Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Pujol, Oriol; Angulo, Cecilio

Probability-based Dynamic Time Warping and Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for Human Gesture Recognition in RGB-D (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 50 , pp. 112–121, 2014.

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Ventura, Carles; Verónica, Vilaplana; Giró-i-Nieto, Xavier; Ferran, Marqués

Improving retrieval accuracy of Hierarchical Cellular Trees for generic metric spaces (Journal Article)

Multimedia Tools and Applications, 73 (3), pp. 1983–2008, 2014, ISSN: 1573-7721.

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Igual, Laura; Lapedriza, Àgata; Borràs, Ricard

Robust gait-based gender classification using depth cameras (Journal Article)

EURASIP J. Image and Video Processing, 2013 , pp. 1, 2013.

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Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Radeva, Petia; Vitriá, Jordi; Pujol, Oriol

Minimal design of error-correcting output codes (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 33 (6), pp. 693 - 702, 2012, ISSN: 0167-8655.

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Hernández-Vela, Antonio; Reyes, Miguel; Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalera, Sergio

GrabCut-Based Human Segmentation in Video Sequences (Journal Article)

Sensors, 2 (11), pp. 15376-15393, 2012, ISSN: 1424-8220.

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Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Vitrià , Jordi; Radeva, Petia; Raducanu, Bogdan

Social Network Extraction and Analysis Based on Multimodal Dyadic Interaction (Journal Article)

Sensors, 12 (2), pp. 1702, 2012, ISSN: 1424-8220.

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Escalera, Sergio; Masip, David; Puertas, Eloi; Radeva, Petia; Pujol, Oriol

Online error correcting output codes (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition Letters, 32 (3), pp. 458-467, 2011.

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Juan, Angel; Faulin, Javier; Jorba, Josep; Riera, Daniel; Masip, David; Barrios, Barry

On the use of Monte Carlo simulation, cache and splitting techniques to improve the Clarke and Wright savings heuristics (Journal Article)

Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2010.

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Pujol, Oriol; Masip, David

Geometry-Based Ensembles: Toward a Structural Characterization of the Classification Boundary (Journal Article)

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 31 , pp. 1140–1146, 2009.

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Masip, David; Lapedriza, Àgata; Vitrià, Jordi

Boosted Online Learning for Face Recognition (Journal Article)

IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics part B, 39 , pp. 530–538, 2009.

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Baró, Xavier; Escalera, Sergio; Vitrià, Jordi; Pujol, Oriol; Radeva, Petia

Traffic Sign Recognition Using Evolutionary Adaboost Detection and Forest-ECOC Classification (Journal Article)

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 10 (1), pp. 113–126, 2009.

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Caballé, Santi; Lapedriza, Àgata; Masip, David; Xhafa, Fatos; Abraham, Ajith

Enabling Automatic Just-in-time Evaluation of In-class Discussions in On-line Collaborative Learning Practices. (Journal Article)

Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM), 7 , pp. 290-297, 2009.

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Keil, Matthias; Lapedriza, Agata; Masip, David; Vitria, Jordi

Preferred Spatial Frequencies for Human Face Processing Are Associated with Optimal Class Discrimination in the Machine (Journal Article)

PLoS ONE, 3 (7), pp. e2590, 2008.

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Masip, David; Vitrià, Jordi

Shared Feature Extraction for Nearest Neighbor Face Recognition. (Journal Article)

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS, 19 (4), pp. 586-595, 2008.

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Lapedriza, Àgata; Seguí, Santi; Masip, David; Vitrià, Jordi

A sparse Bayesian approach for joint feature selection and classifier learning (Journal Article)

Pattern Anal. Appl., 11 (3-4), pp. 299–308, 2008, ISSN: 1433-7541.

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Masip, David; Vitrià, Jordi

Boosted discriminant projections for nearest neighbor classification (Journal Article)

Pattern Recognition, 39 (2), pp. 164-170, 2006.

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Lapedriza, Agata; Masip, David; Vitrià, Jordi

On the Use of External Face Features for Identity Verification. (Journal Article)

JOURNAL OF MULTIMEDIA, 1 (4), pp. 11-20, 2006.

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Masip, David; Kuncheva, Ludmila; Vitrià, Jordi

An ensemble-based method for linear feature extraction for two-class problems (Journal Article)

Pattern Anal. Appl., 8 (3), pp. 227-237, 2005.

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Masip, David; Bressan, Marco; Vitrià, Jordi

Feature extraction methods for real-time face detection and classification (Journal Article)

EURASIP J. Appl. Signal Process., 2005 (1), pp. 2061–2071, 2005, ISSN: 1110-8657.

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Masip, David; Vitrià, Jordi

Feature extraction for nearest neighbor classification: Application to gender recognition (Journal Article)

Int. J. Intell. Syst., 20 (5), pp. 561-576, 2005.

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Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalante, Hugo Jair; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier

Gesture and Action Recognition by Evolved Dynamic Subgestures (Inproceeding)

Xianghua Xie Mark W. Jones,; Tam, Gary (Ed.): Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), pp. 129.1-129.13, BMVA Press, 2015, ISBN: 1-901725-53-7.

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Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Madadi, Meysam; Reyes, Miguel; Ponce-López, Victor; Escalante, Hugo Jair; Shotton, Jamie; Guyon, Isabelle

ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge 2014: Dataset and Results (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the European Computer Vision Conference (ECCV 2014 Workshops), Part I, pp. 459–473, Springer International Publishing, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015, ISBN: 978-3-319-16178-5.

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Escalante, Hugo Jair; Martínez-Carranza, José; Escalera, Sergio; Ponce-López, Víctor; Baró, Xavier

Improving Bag of Visual Words Representations with Genetic Programming (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN2015, pp. 3674–3681, IEEE, 2015.

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Irani, Ramin; Nasrollahi, Kamal; Oliu, Marc; Corneanu, Ciprian; Escalera, Sergio; Bahnsen, Chris; Lundtoft, Dennis; Moeslund, Thomas; Pedersen, Tanja; Klitgaard, Maria-Louise; others,

Spatiotemporal Analysis of RGB-DT Facial Images for Multimodal Pain Level Recognition (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, pp. 88–95, 2015.

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Baró, Xavier; Gonzalez, Jordi; Fabian, Junior; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Oliu, Marc; Escalante, Hugo Jair; Guyon, Isabelle; Escalera, Sergio

Chalearn looking at people 2015 challenges: Action spotting and cultural event recognition (Inproceeding)

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2015 IEEE Conference on, pp. 1–9, IEEE 2015.

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Escalera, Sergio; Gonzalez, Jordi; Baró, Xavier; Pardo, Pablo; Fabian, Junior; Oliu, Marc; Escalante, Hugo Jair; Huerta, Ivan; Guyon, Isabelle

ChaLearn looking at people 2015 new competitions: Age estimation and cultural event recognition (Inproceeding)

Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2015 International Joint Conference on, pp. 1–8, IEEE 2015.

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Zhou, Bolei; Lapedriza, Agata; Xiao, Jianxiong; Torralba, Antonio; Oliva, Aude

Learning deep features for scene recognition using places database (Inproceeding)

Advances in neural information processing systems, pp. 487–495, 2014.

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Puertas, Eloi; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Sánchez, Daniel; Escalera, Sergio; Pujol, Oriol

Learning to segment humans by stacking their body parts (Inproceeding)

Computer Vision-ECCV 2014 Workshops, pp. 685–697, Springer 2014.

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Escalera, Sergio; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Baró, Xavier; Reyes, Miguel; Lopes, Oscar; Guyon, Isabelle; Athitsos, Vassilis; Escalante, Hugo Jair

Multi-modal Gesture Recognition Challenge 2013: Dataset and Results (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, pp. 445–452, ACM, Sydney, Australia, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4503-2129-7.

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Ponce-López, Víctor; Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier

Multi-modal Social Signal Analysis for Predicting Agreement in Conversation Settings (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, pp. 495–502, ACM, Sydney, Australia, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4503-2129-7.

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Hernandez-Vela, Antonio; Bautista, Miguel Angel; Perez-Sala, Xavier; Ponce-López, Víctor; Baró, Xavier; Pujol, Oriol; Angulo, Cecilio; Escalera, Sergio

BoVDW: Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for gesture recognition (Inproceeding)

Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2012 21st International Conference on, pp. 449-452, 2012, ISSN: 1051-4651.

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Ponce-López, Víctor; Gorga, Mario; Baró, Xavier; Escalera, Sergio

Human behavior analysis from video data using bag-of-gestures (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the Twenty-Second international joint conference on Artificial Intelligence - Volume Volume Three, pp. 2836–2837, AAAI Press, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-57735-515-1.

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Baró, Xavier; Escalera, Sergio; Radeva, Petia; Vitrià, Jordi

Generic Object Recognition in Urban Image Databases (Inproceeding)

Proceeding of the 2009 conference on Artificial Intelligence Research and Development: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence, pp. 27–34, IOS Press 2009.

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Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi

Probabilistic darwin machines for object detection (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, {&} Pattern Recognition, {IPCV} 2009, July 13-16, 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2 Volumes, pp. 839–845, {CSREA} Press, 2009, ISBN: 1-60132-119-8.

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Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi; Radeva, Petia

Text detection in urban scenes (Inproceeding)

pp. 35–44, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-60750-061-2.

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Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi

Evolutionary object detection by means of naïve bayes models estimation (Inproceeding)

Workshops on Applications of Evolutionary Computation, pp. 235–244, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2008.

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Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi

Weighted dissociated dipoles: an extended visual feature set (Inproceeding)

International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, pp. 281–290, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2008.

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Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi

Real-time object detection using an evolutionary boosting strategy (Inproceeding)

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the ACIA, {CCIA} 2006, October 26-27, 2006, Perpignan, France, pp. 9–18, IOS Press, 2006, ISBN: 978-1-58603-663-8.

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Baró, Xavier; Vitrià, Jordi

Feature selection with non-parametric mutual information for adaboost learning (Inproceeding)

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the ACIA, {CCIA} 2005, October 26-28, 2005, Alguer, Italy, pp. 131–138, IOS Press, 2005, ISBN: 978-1-58603-560-0.

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Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Hernández-Vela, Antonio; Ponce-López, Victor; Perez-Sala, Xavier; Baró, Xavier; Pujol, Oriol; Angulo, Cecilio; Escalera, Sergio

Probability-Based Dynamic Time Warping for Gesture Recognition on RGB-D Data (Incollection)

Jiang, Xiaoyi; Bellon, OlgaReginaPereira; Goldgof, Dmitry; Oishi, Takeshi (Ed.): Advances in Depth Image Analysis and Applications, 7854 , pp. 126-135, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-642-40302-6.

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Sánchez, Daniel; Ortega, Juan Carlos; Bautista, Miguel Ángel; Escalera, Sergio

Human body segmentation with multi-limb error-correcting output codes detection and graph cuts optimization (Incollection)

Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, pp. 50–58, Springer, 2013.

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Escalera, Sergio; Baró, Xavier; Pujol, Oriol; Vitrià, Jordi; Radeva, Petia

Traffic-Sign Recognition Systems (Book)

Springer, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-4471-2244-9.

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