Download the EMOTIC dataset

Researcher shall use the EMOTIC dataset only for non-commercial research and educational purposes.

Click here to download the images (3.2GB).

Click here to download Matlab Structures (Annotations.mat) with the annotations of train, validation, and test images, and annoation visualization code in Matlab. This zip folder contains also the description of the annotations structure in 'README_EMOTIC_annotationsStructure.pdf' and instructions on how to run the visualization code in 'README_demo.txt'. This release of the dataset is an extended version of the EMOTIC dataset presented at CVPR2017. It contains more images and more annotated people per image.

Please email Ronak Kosti or Agata Lapedriza if you have any questions or comments.

NOTE: Some of the images in the EMOTIC Dataset belong to the public datasets MSCOCO and Ade20k

Download the CNN Models

Coming soon!